3010 Spring Industrial Drive, Powder Springs, GA 30127

About Us

Lockwood Products is engaged in the design, manufacture, marketing, sales and support of deaerating systems, boiler feed systems, condensate return systems, heat recovery systems, cooling towers, circulating pumps, centrifugal and turbine pumps and miscellaneous auxiliary low pressure steam boiler system equipment.

These systems are used primarily for low pressure steam boilers used for heating or process applications, industrially, commercially and institutionally.  Lockwood Products is an OEM for many of the companies manufacturing components of its equipment and systems.

Mission Statement

The mission of Lockwood Products, Inc. is to earn the trust of our customers every day by…….

    • Doing business the Lockwood way, pleasantly, efficiently, effectively and professionally with mutual profitability

    • Creating and delivering products and services that set the standards of quality and value in our markets

    • Cultivating, protecting and investing in our three most valuable assets:

        1. Customer Relationships

        2. Employee Relationships

        3. Vendor Relationships


Since our early beginnings in 1938 when our parent company, the John L. Underwood Company, was founded, Lockwood has set the standards of quality and value in our markets.  That standard continues today.  Backed by an experienced technical, manufacturing, and sales staff with over 100 years of combined experience, Lockwood Products designs, builds and sells equipment that stands the test of time.

Expansive Inventory

Headquartered in Powder Springs, Georgia, a 75,000 square foot facility houses manufacturing, sales and a vast inventory of tanks, pumps and ready to ship systems. That means quick deliveries on equipment that is right for the job.

Technical Assistance

A knowledgeable and experienced technical sales staff is available to assist you with application and product selection.

Value-Added Customer Service

Our knowledge of steam systems extends beyond the norm.  The Lockwood staff is available for trouble shooting, problem solving and system analysis before, during and after design and construction.


Some companies shy away from custom systems.  Lockwood views them as opportunities and our specialty.  Custom packaged systems are available to fit the most unusual of applications, shipped complete for quick installation.

Excellent Value

For over 75 years, Lockwood has set the standards for quality and value.  Experience, expansive inventory, expert technical assistance and versatility make Lockwood Products an outstanding value.