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Condensate Return Systems

For over 75 years, Lockwood Products has been providing excellence in product quality and customer service when helping customers design condensate return systems.  Condensate return systems are designed to recycle the condensate that is coming off of your boiler system, leading to significant energy savings.  For all of Lockwood’s condensate return systems, single-and multi-pump configurations are available.


Type VMX – 12,000 square feet; 45 Gallon

Lockwood Type VMX boiler condensate return systems are designed to cover up to 12,000 square feet in capacity.  In this configuration, EDA above ground receivers are available in 6, 15, 21, and 45 gallon capacities, while standard steel receivers are available in 10, 20, and 45 gallon capacities.  For optimal condensate return to fit your system setup best, motors are available in standard, ODP, and 3450 RPM.  Each condensate pump functions at a maximum capacity of 18 GPM with discharge pressures at up to 40 PSIG.  To provide systems for any need, duplex units are available with mechanical alternators and simplex units are available with float switches. Additional options include extras such as control panels, isolation valves, pressure gauges, and thermometers.


Type VCS

Lockwood Type VCS boiler condensate return systems are designed to cover up to 100,000 square feet in capacity.  For EDR above ground receivers, 15, 21, 45, 65, and 100 gallon capacities are available, and for standard steel receivers 21, 45, 65, and 110 gallon capacities are available.  Motors are available in standard, ODP, 1750, and 3450 RPM options.  To provide the highest possible condensate return, Type VCS condensate return systems have a 150 GPM pump capacity and a 75 PGIS discharge pressure.  In this configuration, duplex units with mechanical alternators and simplex units with float switches are available. Optional accessories include control panels, pressure gauges, isolation valves, thermometers, and makeup valves.


Type UV

Lockwood Type UV condensate systems are manufactured in both the single and duplex systems.  Furnished with either a float switch mechanism to control pump from water level in receiver, or with a float operated make-up valve for supplying cold water make-up to receiver when pump is controlled from boiler water level.


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