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Package Booster System

Low Flow Rate?

Lockwood offers packaged booster sets for hospitals, high-rise apartment blocks, irrigation systems and other purposes when there is a need for constant pressure to meet varying demand on the water supply.

NEW Hydronic Package Services

Lockwood has many different booster packages in their library to where we are able to give you all the documentation needed to use for a submittal or to make an informed decision. Customization is available to fit your application and space.

Chilled & Heated HVAC Packages

Lockwood’s cold and hot water HVAC packages are user friendly and come in customizable packages. Customers can include strainers, controls, VFD’s, tripled duty valves (includes a balancing valve), different materials and multi-directional header to allow for different configurations that suit customer preferences. The packages also allow for ease of install and future pump capacity.

Insulated Enclosure Packages

With fully insulated enclosures, AC, heat, and easy hookups, the sleek enclosed systems that Lockwood can create are perfect small buildings that allow the building to stay up and running. Whether the package is going on the roof of a building, alongside a building that is getting renovated or even an addition to a building that needs better water pressure or more hot water, enclosed packages are the right solution.

Hot Water Heater

Hot water packages can be used for process or domestic uses and can be used with multiple types of material to fit customer needs including customizations like expansion tanks, pumps, and automatic valves.


These small but useful packages are great for colder climates that accumulate snow and ice. There are multiple styles of snowmelts, some include plate and frame heat exchangers, others include shell and tube heat exchangers that use steam and some use water heaters suitable for glycol solutions.

Why Choose Us


Our Booster Packages can push domestic water, wastewater, glycol and many other mediums. Applications include but not limited to asphalt, cannabis, chemical commercial, educational institutions, hospitals, residential, manufacturing, and water treatment facilities.


Equipped with standard components and can be customized to include expansion tanks, transmitters, strainers, specialty valves and much more. Our easy, step by step quote generator will help determine what packaged solution is right for you.


We've been in business since 1938 and set the standards for quality and value. Our mission is to earn your business and trust. Experience, expansive inventory, expert technical assistance and versatility make Lockwood Products an outstanding value.

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