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Model SSL Deaerator (Low Profile Spray Type)

The Model SSL
deaerator is
fully customizable
and can be ordered
as a tank only or
complete skid
mounted assembly.


The Lockwood Model SSL deaerator is a low profile spray scrubber deaerator. The vessel includes a deaerating section that is integral to the horizontal storage section.

Lockwood Model SSL deaerators are designed to reduce the dissolved oxygen content of the feedwater to no more than 0.005 cc/liter (7 ppb) and reduce the titratable free carbon dioxide to zero. To do this, the feedwater goes through a two-stage mechanical deaeration process.

The incoming water is injected into a steam atmosphere in the top of the deaerator via stainless steel spray nozzles. The nozzles create a hollow conical spray pattern which results in a large surface area allowing rapid heating of the water.

As the water approaches saturation temperature, the dissolved gases are released by the water and carried away by the steam.

A majority of the corrosive gases are removed before the water strikes any steel surfaces within the deaerator. The non-condensable gases are then vented from the deaerator through a stainless steel vent pipe located near the top of the vessel. A valve and orifice are used to control the vent rate.

The hot deaerated water then passes through steam scrubber section of the deaerator. High velocity steam is forced through the water causing vigorous scrubbing of the remaining dissolved gasses.


CAPACITY (LBS/HR)10000150002000030000400005000060000
STORAGE (GAL)20030040060080010001200
STORAGE TANK LENGTH (IN)727272120120120120
DIMENSION A (IN)889092140142144146
DIMENSION B (IN)777777125125125125
DIMENSION C (IN)64697576798591
DIMENSION D (IN)59626870727874
DIMENSION E (IN)56626869748490
MAKEUP SUPPLY LINE (IN)1-1/41-1/41-1/222-1/22-1/23
DRAIN (IN)2222333
OVERFLOW (IN)1222233
VENT LINE (IN)3/43/43/4111-1/41-1/4
VENT ORIFICE (IN)3/163/161/41/45/163/83/8
VACUUM BREAKER (IN)111-1/21-1/21-1/222
SENTINEL VALVE (IN)1.5×21.5×21.5×21.5×21.5×21.5×21.5×2
CHEMICAL INJECTION (IN)(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1
SHIPPING WEIGHT (LBS)2950325039004800550062006900
OPERATING WEIGHT (LBS)400048005950785095501125013000
FLOODED WEIGHT (LBS)47005900740010050125001500017400

Larger models up to
1,000,000 lbs/hr are available.
Contact Lockwood Sales for
more information.



      • Typical trim and options shown on the Deaerator Option Flyer
      • All dimensions and volumes are approximate and subject to change without notice
      • Storage capacity based on 10 minutes of storage. Other capacities available upon request.
      • Pump connection quantity and size vary by application
      • Stand heights vary by application and pump selection
      • Steam control valve, and safety relief valve(s) vary by application
      • Weights apply to tank and stand only and do not include pumps or suction/discharge piping