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VCM Boiler Feed Systems

Customizable:  VCM Boiler Feed Systems are designed to fit trough a 32″ wide doorway.



Lockwood model VCM boiler feed systems are packaged, atmospheric-pressure, storage tanks built for commercial or industrial steam systems.  They are typically used for lower pressure steam systems and/or projects where the tank needs to pass through a narrow access on the way to its final installation place.  The storage tank blends makeup water, condensate returns, and water treatment chemicals before being pumped to the steam boiler.  The tank is placed on the ground and the feed water pumps are bolted directly to the receiver to provide a compact, efficient design.  A close-coupled centrifugal pump design with enclosed impeller is used.

Systems can be fully customized to meet each customer’s specific needs.  Systems can be as simple or complex as desired.  The storage tank can be made of carbon steel or upgraded to stainless steel for increased life.  Makeup water controls can be mechanical, float/probe type with solenoid valve, or modulating via an electronic control valve.  Steam preheat packages are available to elevate the water temperature before sending makeup water to the boiler.  Other typical trim items include: thermometer with separable well and gauge glass.


STORAGE (GAL)100150200250300350500
STORAGE TANK LENGTH (IN)30364848606072
STORAGE TANK WIDTH (IN)30303030303030
STORAGE TANK HEIGHT (IN)30363642424860
DIMENSION A (IN)42486060727284
DIMENSION B (IN)36425454666678
DIMENSION C (IN)42424242424242
DIMENSION D (IN)31313131313131
DIMENSION E (IN)35414147475365
MAKEUP SUPPLY LINE (IN)1/21/23/43/4111
OVERFLOW (IN)3344444
VENT LINT (IN)(2) 1-1/2(2) 1-1/2(2) 2(2) 2-1/2(2) 3(2) 3(2) 3
DRAIN (IN)1-1/41-1/41-1/21-1/21-1/21-1/21-1/2
CHEMICAL INJECTION (IN)(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1(2) 1


      • TEFC/Explosion Proof Motors
      • Magnetic Starters/Custom Panels
      • H-O-A Switches
      • Pilot Lights
      • Control Circuit Transformers
      • Electrical Alternators
      • Level Alarm Switches
      • High Water Alarm Switches
      • Thermometers
      • Internal Tank Linings
      • Tank Insulation
      • Suction Isolation Valves