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Lockwood’s Enclosures can protect your hydronic package from outdoor elements allowing it to last even longer.

How Enclosures Benefit Your Hydronic Package

When you’re investing in a new or updated hydronic package, the last thing you want to do is age it any faster than time forces it to naturally. Routine maintenance, quality care, and frequent checks can only go so far. But, a specially designed Enclosure can protect the unit for […]

Lockwood’s Booster Pump Packages can be built to meet your unique needs. From sizes to add-ons, each step along the way is customizable!

Why Your Water Pressure Just ‘Ain’t What She Used to Be’

Water pressure is important. Depending on the uses, there are different reasons it might be incredibly crucial. For example, the water pumping through your apartment high-rise is necessary for tenants to take a quality shower. If the water pressure is not regulated in your grow house, plants may be over- […]