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Why Your Water Pressure Just ‘Ain’t What She Used to Be’

Lockwood’s Booster Pump Packages can be built to meet your unique needs. From sizes to add-ons, each step along the way is customizable!

Water pressure is important. Depending on the uses, there are different reasons it might be incredibly crucial. For example, the water pumping through your apartment high-rise is necessary for tenants to take a quality shower. If the water pressure is not regulated in your grow house, plants may be over- or under-watered and cost plenty to your bottom line. There is only one way to truly take control of your building’s water pressure needs, and that way happens to include some products we at Lockwood are very familiar with in our industry.

The main equipment in question, controlling the water pressure in your business offices, hospital, school, or apartment building is called a booster pump. This equipment can be placed for a wide variety of applications. Booster pumps increase the pressure of fluid passing through pipes.

Water Pressure’s Specific Needs

Many industries rely on well-managed water pressure to get the job done properly.  Let’s take a look at asphalt pavement. When calculating the precise science in this industry, the water pressure makes or breaks (sometimes quite literally) the quality of your pavement. The measure of water pressure in asphalt directly impacts the permeability of the pavement. Those in this line of work must calculate, regulate, and monitor water pressure throughout the process. It must be accurate, and it must be watched at all stages.

But, the asphalt paving business is not the only one that depends on accurate distribution of fluids. And, our products are not limited to their needs either! For example, did you know that it takes 39,090 to manufacture one new car and its four tires? One ton of steel requires 62,600 gallons to be produced. Opening a canned fruit? That took 9.3 gallons just to be preserved. 

From paving asphalt, to cannabis grow houses, the
applications for quality-controlled water pressure are
not just a luxury, but a necessity! Lockwood’s Booster
Pump Packages help industries to get the job done.

A Noticeable Decrease in Pressure

If you’ve noticed a serious decline in pressure in your building, there are a few reasons that may be happening. Firstly, did you know that the city can decrease the pressure of water coming into your building. There may have been no change whatsoever in your building manager’s checks and techniques for optimal water flow, and instead can simply be cutbacks happening at a city level.

Other typical reasons for a lessening of your water pressure has to do with outdated systems. If you have a very old building or one that has never (or not for a very long time) been updated, chances are your systems are not designed to keep up with 2024 uses. 

Another common reason for a slow-down is additional friction. A build-up of grease, for example, can gunk up your kitchen drains, slowing the ability of waste water to make its way through your system. As some materials age, they too can reduce in sleek surfaces, adding friction to flowing fluids trying to pass through them.

Have you been adding to your building? Over time, even small additions (an extra half bath here, or a sink there) can start to really add up. If you’ve continued to add to the same old system, chances are your pressures are dropping because it cannot handle the ever-increasing “workload.”

How Can I Restore Water Pressure?

Now that you know what has likely happened to your once-beloved water pressure, chances are you want to know how to get it back. At Lockwood, our Booster Pump Packages can push domestic water, wastewater, glycol and many other mediums more quickly through systems. 

Lockwood creates simplex, duplex, and series Booster Pump Packages. These differently-sized systems can be created using end suction or multistage pumps. 

The best part of our packages, though, is that vast selection. We are able to work with any components you prefer, from nearly any manufacturer. While the packages are equipped with standard components, any system can be customized to include expansion tanks, transmitters, strainers, specialty valves, and/or any other necessary requirements for your needs. 

Why is a Booster Pump Package from Lockwood your best option? 

  • Customizable components
  • Built to your specs and needs
  • Step-by-Step Quote Generation
  • Provided documentation for plan submittal
  • Full understanding to make informed decisions

We, at Lockwood, have fit and supplied skids, boiler feed tanks, and deaerators for a variety of industries around the world! We use only the highest quality pumps and components. But, if you have a preferred component or supplier, we will accommodate it in your design.

Whatever reason your water pressure has declined, allow Lockwood Products to restore your systems to their absolute peak performance. With our Booster Pump Packages, you can have the hard work done for you, with units delivered already assembled, welded, and fitted. 

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