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How Enclosures Benefit Your Hydronic Package

Lockwood’s Enclosures can protect your hydronic package from outdoor elements allowing it to last even longer.

When you’re investing in a new or updated hydronic package, the last thing you want to do is age it any faster than time forces it to naturally. Routine maintenance, quality care, and frequent checks can only go so far. But, a specially designed Enclosure can protect the unit for its entire lifespan.  

What Damages Can Occur to Hydronic Systems Outside?

Whether you are placing your hydronic package on a roof of a building, alongside a building temporarily during construction or renovation, or even an addition to a building that requires a better system long-term, any system exposed to the elements is going to deteriorate far more quickly. Mother Nature can truly wreak havoc on components. From water damage to your gauges due to rain and snow, to physical damages from falling branches, flying debris, or even hail, there is a long list of complications that can arise just by placing your unit outdoors.

Benefits of an Enclosure for Your Hydronic Package

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing an enclosure for your hydronics package will be realized as soon as it arrives. An easier installation at the worksite is a major plus. Because the units will not only be pre-assembled for you, built to your precise specifications, but when you add an enclosure, it is also placed inside the unit. 

Installation will be as simple as hoisting the entire enclosure into place. Having the unit predesigned saves time at the site, as no additional assembly will be required. The pumps, connections, gauges, valves, and requested components will already be in place. It is basically a plug-and-play, ready-for-use delivery. 

Mother Nature can be pretty harsh on our buildings and required systems. Thankfully, an enclosure by Lockwood Products can keep you unit safe from outdoor harm.

Another major benefit of enclosures is the protection from the “great outdoors.” The elements become far less “great” if you’re worried about the constant threat of weather and its impact on your hydronic packages.

Lockwood Products creates fully insulated enclosures, complete with heating or air conditioning, allowing you to easily control the climate inside. The unpredictable temperatures will not impact your hydronic packages, because the interior will always be at the desired settings.

Including an Enclosure in your design also means that you will not have to interrupt your current hydronic systems. This perfect small building comes ready to hook-up, which means your building can stay up and running until the moment of connection.

And, while it may not be the highest priority on your list, your neighbors and community will be thankful that you’ve added an Enclosure as the sleek designs of our units provide more visibly pleasing surroundings atop or alongside your well designed building! While we are always proud of the meticulous and precise designs of our hydronic packages, we do understand not everyone wants to stare at them quite as often as we do. 
If you are ready to explore the options of Lockwood Products hydronic packages and Enclosures, please visit https://lockwoodproducts.com/hydronic-packages/ or call 1-888-813-1170 today.